Handmade African Mudcloth Bambara Fabric Mali Africa 66" by 44" TRibal Lore a2

Bambara mudcloth handmade in Mali, West Africa

Each piece of mudcloth has a story to tell. The symbols and the way they are arranged reveal social status and character, among other things. The making of mudcloth is a time-consuming process(it normally takes from 4-7days). Each piece is 100% cotton and is completely handmade from scratch. The thread is woven on a hand-held loom and makes a strip 5-6 inches wide. These pieces are then sewn together to make these extraordinarily beautiful fabrics.

Wealth and Luxury

Supposed to represent the cushions of rich women from the Mauritania area.Such women are so wealthy: they don't have to work. Just rest their heads on pillows such as these!

Beds of Bamboo and Millet

It is said that this pattern is used by a woman who wishes to show her superiority to a Co-wife. However, the pattern is extremely popular and so it is not always assumed that a woman wearing it is making this assumption.

Farmers Sickle

This pattern has a unique story A farmer had a sickle he particularly liked.It worked well for him and he thought it deserved its own pattern. So this pattern is named for the back of the sickle.


This design represents the spindle. A very old and traditional design.

Calabash Flowers

The name says it all, a popular
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