HANDMADE COVER fits Miche Bag Shell Quilt Pattern

"Handmade Covers" that fit over a Miche Bag Shell

Newer Fabric with White background and cute little designs made into a quilted pattern...

Would like to give thanks to those buyers who have purchased and for their support. In hoping that they will continue to enjoy using the "COVERS", as I have enjoyed making them. This is a great way to recycling some fabric...and to make something old, new again. Most of the American Textile company's, who made this great vintage fabric are no long...but we can still show them off in style.......

Limited "COVERS" made from remnants or vintage materials that is no longer available. From the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's and NEWER fabrics. With some fabric, n o two "COVERS" are a like.....the pattern graphic may fall in different area's on the cover, that makes them one of a kind in some cases. They are steam cleaned, ironed and are tested on my shell to see how well they fit. Soooo.... get one while you can....and please check out my other "COVERS" with more to come

These shell covers work like a book cover and works best on shells without buckles or raised detail. You will need a certain handbag and Shell as this is just the Shell "COVER" only.

Not affiliated with Miche Bag Handbag

If you have any questions please feel free to email for whatever reason.
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