Handmade Heat Tempered Japanese Daito Katana Sword #211

Handmade Sword - It is razor sharp & battle ready!

Furubushidoo Daito Katana with Katana Certificate, Deluxe Silk Katana Box, Katana Bag, Stand & Maintenance Kit


Edge Hardness: HRC 60
Back Hardness: HRC 40
Blade Length (with Habaki): 28.3"
Handle Length: 11.8"
Overall Length (with Saya): 42.5"
Blade Thickness: 0.3"
Weight (with Saya): 3 lb 3 oz
Weight (without Saya): 2 lb 8 oz


Blade: fully hand forged; heat tempered
Hamon (tempered line): distinct real Hamon created by fully hand polishing
Hi (blood groove): long Hi on each side
Kissaki (point of blade): Chu-Kissaki
Edge: razor sharp, hand sharpened by Japanese whetstone
Tsuka (handle): Genuine Same (Rayskin) & Black Japanese Cotton Ito (Braid) with Menuki (Ornament)
Tang: full tang with 2 Mekugi (peg); engraved with black smith's signature & number (This number is the same as the number in its certificate. One Katana, one unique number. )
Saya (scabbard): black piano lacquered wood with black cotton Sageo (cord)

This Katana is good for Katana learners. Well balanced and fully functional. Suitable for Iaido, Tameshigiri, etc. It can be disassembled and assembled. Great for your collection!

Package Includes:

1 * Assembled
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