Handmade Old West Sombrero

This is a grey one of a kind sombrero, if you've been looking for a tall sugarloaf sombrero it is. This hat has approx 9 inch crown and a 6.5 inch brim. The brim is spiral stitched as were many originals and has a leather brim binder with stampede strings and keeper. The crown is lined with pillow ticking and has a leather sweat guard. This is really a neat one of a kind hat. This hat is ready for distressing as well as decorating further. I was going to keep this hat and have had it for a while but can't keep them all. These hats are traditional style and are designed to fit on the crown of the head and not around the girth (like a cowboy hat). They don't fit like a cowboy hat and don't expect them to. They are one size fits all and will with use, conform nicely to the wearers head. With this hat, on the first full day it is to be worn, wet the leather sweatband lightly and wear it untill it forms to the crown of the head. I have sold these hats to the full range of head size and have not had any problems. These hats just get better with age. Don't confuse these with the velvet covered card board sombreros seen elsew I have sold these hats to S. America, Europe and Asia and they are seen on TV, Films, reenactment and Cowboy Action Shoots nation wide. I have worn one of these hats for about ten years and it just keeps getting better ... read more