Handmade Orcon Fighter Kite based on classic Indian

For sale is a beautiful handmade fighter kite .
This kite is made from modern materials.
It is very similar to the kites in the "Kite Runner" movie, only faster and smaller.
The nose is made from icarex (a strong coated ripstop polyester) and the rest of the kite is made from black orcon.
Orcon is an excellent lightweight reinforced film and suited perfectly for making fighter kites. Unfortunately, it is much harder to get today since manufacturing of this specific kind was terminated a few years ago. This kite too, like all the kites I build, has icarex pockets at thewingtips for additional strength.
Bow is 0.06 carbon fiber , carefully tapered about 5 inches from the wingtips towards the center.
In my opinion this makes the kite more responsive in lower speed winds, and also has less pull on the line
relative to an non tapered bow. Battens are 0.02" carbon fiber. The spine is made from a carefully shaped bamboo piece. It is 17" long. Wingspan is 20" 2/8"
Ideal wind 3 - 10 mph. The kite has a 3 point fully adjustable bridle.
Please note that the perimeter of the kite is neatly hemmed in and glued in with contact cement in order to provide additional strength
I have test flown this kite and it flies straight and tracks perfectly.
In order to see what maneuvers can be done
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