Handmade Practical Samurai Black Katana Sword #L10

Fully Hand Forged Full Tang Black Uesugi Kenshin Functional Katana with Cotton Katana Bag

This brand new practical functional Katana is hand forged from carbon steel 1045. The edge of the blade is sharp with a prominent hamon which is hand polished on. The traditional heat tempering method produces HRC 55 edge hardness and HRC 45 back hardness, which allows the blade to absorb the shock of every cut or blow. The blood groove on each side of the blade makes it cool. Brass Habaki (blade collar) enables the blade securely fit into the Saya (Scabbard). Two Mekugi (Peg) firmly pin Nakago (Tang) into tsuka (Handle). The black color and elaborate workmanship make the Katana magnific, marvelous and attractive, which makes you feel like a real warrior when you are holding it!

This Katana can be disassembled and assembled!

If you are a Katana learner, don't miss this chance to try it! This Katana is suitable for Kendo, like Kiri-Kaeshi, Kakari-Geiko, Iaido, Aikido, Kata and so on!

Katana lovers and learners don't wait any more! Act and Bid at once! Happy Bid!


Uesugi Kenshin (1530-1578), was one of the most renowned warlords of the 16th Century, a colorful figure who combined a love of campaigning with a thirst for learning and genuine sense of honor.

Bushido-Way of the Warrior
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