Handmade Punchy Cowboy Bulldog Tapaderos Stirrups Taps

Up for auction. A set of nice used tapaderos built by Big Bend Saddlery of Alpine, Texas. This is their bulldog-style tap built from sole leather to ensure a rigid tap. The stirrups are 2 inch visalia-style stirrups with leather treads. These taps have been ridden on ranches and feedlots in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, & New Mexico. One of the taps has a spot I had to fix up after a trailer loading wreck, but does not affect the function of the taps whatsoever (if you look at the tap in the left hand side of the picture you'll see w a leather thong has been used to mend them up). They are marked as such:

Big Bend Saddlery


Alpine Texas

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