Handmade Russian Princess Doll Costume Carpatina Magic Attic Stardust Classics

This listing is for a Traditional Russian Doll Costume consisting of the Lavender Brocade Sarafan (jumper or overdress), white brocade blouse underdress or chemise, and the Kokoshnik (crown, tiara or headpiece) decorated with gemstones and pearls handmade by me for Carpatina, Magic Attic, Stardust Classics, Just Pretend and Disney Princess and Me dolls.

I've added a Doll sized Easter Basket with 2 doll sized eggs (small eggs) decorated with wraps so that they are like Russian or Ukrainian eggs. One is like a Matryoshka. I thought whoever wears this outfit should be celebrating Easter in style! Christos Voskreskia!

In Russia clothing was like this, even court dress, from Medieval times until the reign of Peter the Great in the 1700s. This is still considered the Traditional Russian dress, and on special occasions even the peasantry had lavishly decorated kokoshniks -- decorated with shells, glass beads, embroideries. I chose brocade fabrics because of their embroidered qualities.

I used a Carpatina pattern, but modified it to make the back fuller which I believe is more authentic. I am not Russian, but I love Russian Culture and History. Because the sarafan is elastic at the back and the Blouse has a ribbon drawstring I believe this could also fit American Girl doll or 18 inch Madame Alexander doll, including
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