RARE Handmade 7 SAME CANE LATTICINIO Marbles 13/16


This is a true find! I have owned this same cane set of 7 latticinio marbles for about 13-15 years now. They are guaranteed to be old and in absolute mint condition. They have never been polished or buffed. Each of the marbles shows its own characteristics in the way the pattern of the layers of colored glass were twisted when cut from the cane. T he marbles feature the same yellow net latticinio core surrounded on the outer layer with alternating bands of red/white and blue/white stripes. These marbles are absolutely awesome. The bright yellow cores on these have a very tight net, so that the centers almost look like they are solid. It is amazing to think that these marbles were made around 100 years ago, and have been kept together all of this time, let alone having survived without being played with. Each marble shows great workmanship on the cutting of the marbles from the single glass cane, the pontils are nearly identical on each (of what I believe to be the 5 middle marbles), with what I believe to be the two ends clearly different than the middle cuts. This remarkable set of hand-made marbles truly speaks for themselves, and no words could even begin to describe what a marvelous set they are.

Just ask yourself how many times you have seen a set of same
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