Handmade Sheath, 5.5" Jersey Pattern Kelly Perfect Axe

Custom designed, hand made leather sheath for 4 lb. Jersey pattern Kelly Perfect Axe. Heavy weight (8 oz.) oil tanned leather hand riveted and hand sewn by myself with snap closure. The design is my own is not available anyw else and is specifically intended for Jersey Pattern Kelly Perfect axe heads weighing 4 pounds and measuring 5 1/2 inches from each corner of the cutting bit. Sheath is easily attached, removed and stored in pants pocket while axe is in use. Sheath is a fine complement to one of the finest user axes ever made. This sheath should not be confused with lightweight, machine made, one size fits all commercial sheaves. Questions? Contact me at

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The item being auctioned is the handcrafted sheath and does not include the axe which is shown for illustrative purposes.