Handmade Vintage Three Story German Influence Playtime Dollhouse Miniature

Handmade Vintage Three story German Influence Dollhouse Miniature With Yellow Roof

For sale is a very nice, one of a kind, German Influence handcrafted miniature dollhouse with its old original paint and gingerbread wood decoration. This doll house was certainly played with, but remains in good condition. It is made of wood and is very sturdy. The man whom made this house made it for his daughters after returning from U.S. Army Service in Germany after WWII. It is a three story and five room house. Front door is hinged and opens and closes ok. Side door is also hinged and opens and closes ok and side door is a split top/bottom European style split side door. This dollhouse displays well and will be a neat addition to your collection or even great for children to play with once again.

The dimensions are 23" (width) x 14.5" (depth) x 24.5" (high).

The house looks to be in good shape overall. All of the windows are old semi-thick cellophane type windows and each is intact and well adhered, few scratches on some of them (windows won’t open/weren’t made to open). There are only a few flaws with this doll house, the flaws are pictured. The bottom board has a crack in the wood not too visible from the top. Bottom board remains strong and firmly attached. Also, one interior wall looks to have cracked over time,
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