Handpainted pysanka/pysanky Ukrainian Easter eggs

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...Yet from those times, when a primitive man began to grow into "Homo sapiens" ("intellectual man"), he began to dream about domination over different elements of the nature: by a fire, water, air. And if afterwards a man learned to obtain a fire, and began to seize an aquatic element - to build boats, but only birds continued to dominate in air. Except for their ability to fly and to the closeness to celestial gods, birds owned another secret - a man was impressed by the fact of appearance the living nestling, would seem, from the dead egg. Besides it need to reminisce likeness of vitellus on a Sun...("The history of Ukrainian Easter eggs", Oleg Kirashchuk ).

In old times (approximately to the beginning of XX century) only a natural dyes were being used at manufacturing of easter eggs . Say, for manufacturing a yellow paint prepared a decoction of husk of onions (strong decoction gave a red-brown color), or boiled a bark of a crab (wild apple-tree). A red paint was being received from insects (chervets). A black paint was being made of soot.

Unfortunately, from beginning of 1920-1930, a chemical dyes began to be used more frequently, and, approximately from 1950th, the use of chemical dyes became
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