This COLLECTIBLE BRIAR PIPE is RARE 1966 DUNHILL "SHELL BRIAR" in the CLASSIC CHURCHWARDEN Shape!!! Measuring 10 1/4" LONG , this HANDSOME SHELL is in EXCEPTIONALLY PRISTINE CONDITION with STRONG NOMENCLATURE (including the DUNHILL "C" for "Churchwarden ") that looks like it was stamped yesterday and not 46 years ago!!! It has a Billiard SHAPED BOWL and the DISTINCTIVE HANDMADE DUNHILL MOUTHPIECE!!! It is typical of the EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY we have come to expect from Alfred Dunhill, Ltd. in London! Just look at the features of this Dunhill!!! It is BEAUTIFUL and ELEGANT - - - a special pipe in any collection!

In a field of many Dunhills available on eBay, you will find many cheaper ones. But if the condition of your purchase is important, you will not find a better one on eBay! This particular Dunhill is in exceptionally fine condition - - - especially for a Dunhill that is 53 years old!

The " SHELL" or "SHELL BRIAR" SANDBLASTED Finish is one of Dunhill's original finishes giving rise to many of the early Dunhill Patents. Although Barling originated the sandblating process for pipes (on their "Fossils") they did not patent the process. So, Alfred Dunhill (who was never shy about copying what had been successful for his competition including the Vauen dot for the Dunhill White Spot, Comoy's oversize 800 Series for
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