Handwritten Diary 1879

This is the handwritten diary of a young woman living in Madison County, New York in 1879. I do not know her name, but her initials are at the bottom of many entries (See pic). The diary mentions the towns of Deruyter, Delphi, Cazenovia, Oran and Woodstock. A place called the basin and a place called Zephyr are also mentioned. Family names mentioned include Newitt, Allen, Warren, Carpenter, Drake, Barber, Cady, Parker, Breeds and Hunt to name a few. Most people are mentioned by their first names only. Some deaths and marriages are recorded, including her own marriage on October 8th which pretty much ends the diary entries and begins the ledger entries. Most days have an entry with the exception of 4 days in June, 18 days in July, October 10th is blank and then October 12 - December 24 are blank as well as Dec. 28-31. T is a poem from her friend Jennie Hunt written towards the back in the memoranda section, as well as another poem I think written by the diary's author. Then begins the ledger for the years 1880-1882 with such entries as a corset for $1.50 and knives and forks for $1.75.

The book itself measures 3 7/8" X 2 1/2" and is in excellent condition! I think I may have been only the third person to read or open it. Which brings me to the inscription on the first page. It reads, " Alice L. Manson's Book" "A Present".
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