Handwritten Diary Civil War Vet Rudisill York PA 1875-

I’ve never read a diary quite like this one. At first I was a little confused by the way he wrote but after a few pages I realized what he was doing. The diary originally belonged to Civil War Veteran Abraham Rudisill of York Pennsylvania. It seems that Abraham was an avid diarist and although I only have this diary (and would never spilt up the lot if I did have it), he is constantly referring to his notes from his past diaries. So he not only has entries for the years this diary represents, 1875-1886, but you get a wealth of information about his past, including the battles he fought and the years served in the Civil War. And, the best thing is that this diary has a total of 300 pages!!

Before I get to the diary I want to give you some facts I found on the web about this amazing man. The first has to do with his other diaries and the kind of diarist he was. Abraham served with the 43 rd PA Light Artillery and during the battle of Gettysburg it is said (and I quote from an article I found on the web called “Sounds of battle reach county”)….

“People in the corners of York County heard the sounds of guns, the big ones, booming from the west, from Gettysburg……Residents of Hanover could also hear the sound of big guns and small arms. And some people contented that they could follow the flight of shells in the night
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