Handwritten Letter From Barry Manilow To Jeanne Lucas!*

This is the letter that Barry Manilow sent to Jeanne Lucas (his first singing partner), along with a brand new piano he sent as a wedding gift to Jeanne and her new husband, Howard. Barry paid the first six months on the rent as their gift. He wrote many letters on music paper and this is an early one, from their wedding which was October 5, 1969, long before his big celebrity came about. is the letter:

This is the first page of that brilliant arrangementby me that will make you a star. It will be presented to you sitting atop a brand new rented piano, yours, free for the first six months. When you sing it, I'm sure you'll be thinking of Richmond, Indiana (Blech!) I've decided that we're changing the name of our act. Starting today we will be billed as "Barry and Mrs. Honig"! (Mrs. Honig and Barry) I love you very much (both of you) Barry

Definitely a Manilow treasure. Please email me with any questions!