Handwritten Letters Blakistone Key Leonardtown MD 1864-

Today Iâe(tm)m offering up a nice group of handwritten letters, 12 of which have their covers, and all belonging to the Blakistone family of Leonardtown Maryland. T are 30 letters and 8 receipts in this lot and the majority of the letters are addressed to Ella Blakistone and written by her brother Walter, her father James, Jame's wife Sallie and her Aunt. The letters start off in 1864 with the last letter dating 1880.

The Blakistone family was a very prominent Maryland family, in fact Ellaâe(tm)s father, James T. Blakistone was a member of the General Assembly of Maryland and t are two great letterheads from the House of Delegates and the Senateâe(tm)s Chambers written by her father. Her brother Walter also writes on Baltimore "Bank of Commerce" letterhead.

Ella was born in 1851and was the daughter of James Thomas Blakistone and Ann T. Thomas. The couple had 8 children, many of which are mentioned through out these letters.

The St. Maryâe(tm)s Academy, which opened up in 1855, is one of the first Catholic schoolsâe(tm)s for girls. It stands on the site of Rose Hill, the former estate of the Blakistone family. http://www.co.saint-marys.md.us/voluntr/historicpreservcomm/images/sm422.jpg

Many of the letters are addressed as such;

"Miss Ella R. Blakistone Care of Col James T. Blakistone Leonardtown
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