Hangar 9 Jackal 50, HAN4880

Shipping Returns About Horizon Contact Airplanes Helicopters Surface Radios Powerplants Tools Trains General Site Categories Airplanes Helicopters Surface Radios Powerplants Tools Trains General Hangar 9 Jackal 50, HAN4880 Key Features Perfect match for the Evolution .60NX with a high-performance muffler Airfoil optimized for speed and stability by George Hicks Sheeted foam core wing Airfoil-shaped vertical and horizontal stabilizers Light balsa/plywood construction Painted top hatch with clear canopy White CNC aluminum spinner included Factory-installed flaps Pre-hinged and control horns preinstalled (except elevator which must be hinged by the modeler) Robart pneumatic or mechanical retract ready Painted fiberglass cowl All necessary hardware included Overview

The Jackal 50 was created to give sport pilots all the speed and excitement of a jet without the complexity, costs or precocious flying manners of one. Its sleek, swept-wing design makes it possible to achieve scorching speeds using nothing more than Evolution’s economical .60NX engine and a high-performance tuned muffler. It also gives you the option of pushing the speed envelope even further with optional mechanical or pneumatic retracts (HAN501 or HAN502 –sold separately).

Assembling the Jackal 50 is as simple as any other Hangar 9 sport plane. Its low parts count
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