Hank Aaron - 2016 Topps Transcendent Base Autograph #39/52

2016 Topps Transcendent Base Autograph of Hank Aaron! Card is numbered 39/52! Amazing card and beautiful auto. The card has a wrinkle on the back from the manufacturing process. Photo shows on the left side of card.
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Please let me know if you have any questions or need to see additional pics.
Condition Clarification: I have had many ask questions about the frames and the condition of these cards. Received this card from a break. Framed cards are likely not candidates for grading in my opinion. Certainly some may pull 10's but it is very challenging predicting how framed cards will grade. These are cards fresh from the case in typical condition of framed cards. There may be some scratching, minor indentations, minor imperfections typical of jumbo style or framed cards. I will put these in NM condition for the sake of these listings. They are brand new, from a freshly opened case and will be in similar condition to a brand new card coming from a freshly opened case. Very similar to any cards that would be received from a breaker. Please send message if you need additional pics. I am happy to send them. Thanks for checking out my listing!