Final listing, This cue is a rare collectors item. Biagio is a trusted name in professional cues long before McDermit and Other professional cues.

Baigio is a rare hard to find pool cue that was the custom pool cue for professionals . Biagio has been around, before most of the professional brands now ., Brunswick, McDermit, etc. and later. Brands . this cue has very minor blemishes and is complete as when it was bought new. the but has a small broken piece as i show in the picture and can be fixed easily, but not with the biagio logo on it after it is repaired that is why I am selling it as is. the biagio brand is very rare to find today and was the pick of professionals and still is if it can be found. the cue is very strait and has high gloss and the wrap is perfect. this cue is worth more than i am asking but I know the cue has never been mended or broken. it is as strong and will give many years of perfection .