THIS IS HARDCORE - PULP 180GM VINYL [VINYL NEW] Label: PLAIN Format: LP Release Date: 12 May 2009 Brand new. Ships usually within three business days from California, USA. Delivery via USPS Airmail and Royal Mail, may take 5-14 days. You are an importer of goods and might be charged customs fees and taxes by the government of your country. Album Tracks 1. Fear 2. Dishes 3. Party Hard 4. Help the Aged 5. This Is Hardcore 6. TV Movie 7. Little Soul 8. I'm a Man 9. Seductive Barry 10. Sylvia 11. Glory Days 12. Day After the Revolution 13. Like a Friend Originally released in 1998, Pulp's This Is Hardcore, was at once the artistic pinnacle of 90s Brit-pop, and the genre's comedown record, marking the end of an era with its ruminations on growing old, fearful, and bitter. Drawing influence from Bowie and Roxy Music, Cocker crafted one of the darkest yet anthemic albums of all time. An absolute masterpiece.