Hark Hark! The Dogs do Bark! Serio-Comique map Europe at War WW1 Walter Emanuel

Hark! Hark! The Dogs Do Bark! With a note by Walter Emanuel.Serio-Comique Map of Europe at WarMap Maker: Johnson, Riddle & Co. London 1914 G. W. Bacon & Co., Ltd., 127, Strand Large political cartoon/caricature style map of Europe with notes by Walter Emanuel, designed and printed by Johnson, Riddle and Co in London, 53 x 70 cm. Fascinating Serio-comic map of Europe, showing a satirical depiction of Europe at War. Interesting dog-orientated interpretation of the political situation in Europe in 1914, in which many of the principal countries of Europe are defined in distinctly canine terms. “The Dogs of War have been let loose in Europe...” begins the accompanying text below the map. Germany is identified as an aggressive helmeted Dachshund, its Austrian ally a yapping Mongrel, Belgium a tiny & easily mauled Griffon, France a dandified Poodle and Britain a watchful Bulldog, biting the Dachshund’s nose. Other European countries are identified by figures which are equally amusing- a Spanish bullfighter; a smiling Dutchman; a knife-wielding Greek ready to stab his neighbours in the back; an Italian carabinieri with pistol in hand; a cold-footed Swiss mountaineer; a Russian bear at whose side a massive steamroller moves westward, the Tsar at its steering wheel; a kneeling Turk with French lapdog in tow; and Britain be-straddled ... read more