Harley Benton Blues Harp Set of Harmonicas 12 in all

Harley Benton

Blues Harp Set Harmonicas

Set of twelve Harmonica mouth organs which cover the entire octive range from Ab,A,Bb,B, C,Db.D,Eb,E,F,Gb & G. These have hardly been used and are as new. I have also included a Pop Song Booklet to get you started which includes some very good well known songs eg: The Carpenters, Bob Dylan, Rod Stewart, Simon and Garfunkel, John Denver, Paul McCartney etc. The picture shows one missing but this will be included in the purchase once a friend brings it back this week.

The Harmonicas come in a padded velvet case which makes this a very nice set to have. Normally one of these mouth organs in the shops would cost you £30.00 so grab yourself a bargain as I have a very low reserve price.

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