THIS AWESOME CHARCOAL GRILL IS BRAND NEW.IT IS 10" ACROSS AND 10" HIGH WITH LID.IT COMES WITH CARRY CASE !!!!!! Please read-if an item is VINTAGE, it will be shipped as found, not cleaned or deoderised. it most likely not funtion as new. if it is sold USED,we try to notice all distinct imperfections at the time of listing. it may not have the original accessories, and may have different ones added. it may not be safe for children under three, or to be put on the mouth. this is your responsibility to judge. the toy will be cleaned, but may still need a final scrub to reach your standards. it will be in used condition and show signs of wear. we combine shipping when it does not exceed the limit of 108" around and across. the cost is calculated by the shipping calculator plus $2 for handling costs. if you live outside the continental U.S., please ask for cost before bidding. you will receive a tracking number on most items. if the shipping cost is less by a few dollars, we will issue you a refund of the difference. please try to pay for your item within 48 hours. if this a problem, please let us know. if you receive your item and have an issue, please, contact us. we will work to resolve the problem. thanks so much.