Harley Davidson 2005 Collectible Tank Set

'Tis The Season To GIVE TANKS II2005 Harley Davidson Collectible Tank Set 1933 Silver and Truquoise This was a pivotal year for Harley-Davidson. It marked the first year two-tone paint schemes were offered as standard and an Art Deco design was incorporated. The stylized eagle was only used in 1933. 1937 Teak Red with Black Striping The Art Deco "Flying Wheel" was intorduced on the 1936 models and was used in different treatments throught the 1939 model year. 1955 Hollywood Green This was an optional color available only in 1955 for an additional $7.50. The three-dimensional nameplate was used in 1955 and 1956. 1962 Hi-Fi Purple with White Panels The Hi-Fi was introduced as an optional color in 1962. The three-dimensional gas tank logo was only used fro two years. 1992 Indigo Blue Metallic and Gold Pearlglo The Motor Company's first production pearl paint job appeared on the 1992 Dyna Daytona commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the largest motorcycle event in the world. Contents: [1] Display Case [5] Collectible Tanks [5] Ornament Hooks [1] Instruction Sheet This collection is not available by itself from Harley Davidson. It required a purchase of $250 or more during the 2005 Christmas Season. This Tank set is new in the original packaging and never used. This set would make an excellent Christmas gift or hang the ornments on your ... read more