Harley Davidson #1 Belt Buckle. Off-White Snakeskin Background

Harley Davidson Classic #1 Logo Emblem on Off-White Snakeskin Backing,,, Scroll type Belt Buckle. . Buckles are from a manufactures sale many years ago. Some may have been used in displays but all are new old stock. They fit belts up to 1 ½” wide. All are die cast metal, plated with various die cast metal logos and emblems which the company also made. I have a bunch of other vintage Harley Davidson items up for sale from the same Licensed OEM. Photos of the buckles are of the actual buckle and not generic. Fixed s/h $4.00 in USA, mailed 1 st class in bubble mailer envelope.

Brushed Brass plated scroll design with #1 Logo cloisonne' emblem. The Die Cast Emblem has a Off-White Snakeskin Background. Back Dated 1978. See clear photos of actual buckle.