Harley-Davidson 3 key chains on lanyard w/ loop for flash drive - w/ small flaw

These Harley-Davidson keychains / lanyards are handsome and you'll probably find them necessary once you use one! You could use one for the car & one for the bike; or one for the house & one for the office - and give one to a good friend!

Below is a description of the details of the lanyard but I want to first call your attention to the tiny flaws in each (about half-way along the length of the lanyard), which are the reasons I'm listing them at such a low amount. Please see the second photo: In the top lanyard, the letters "SON" are a bit wiggly; in the middle lanyard,some of the orange rubber is missing in the letter "A" in Harley; and in the bottom lanyard, some of the orange rubber is missing in the letter "N."

These are new - have never been used - and other than the flaws in the lettering described above, are in perfect working condition.

Each lanyard is black webbing; on it, the Harley-Davidson name in orange alternates with the Harley-Davidson bar and shield in white and orange . . . very distinctive. The lanyard part is approximately 17 1/4" (measured along one side from the center hanging straight down to the point where it can be separated from the bottom portion - please see the photo 2nd from the right). The portion that remains after you separate them (please see same photo) measures
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