Harley Davidson Motorcycle Shop Christmas Cookie Jar

Description: Up for auction is an original and authentic licensed Harley Davidson cookie jara which is designed to be a Harley Shop during the Holiday season. The shop is detailed with a Harley motorcycle, sign, Christmas Wreat and all the trimmings. It comes with its own original Harley Davidson Box, and has been well taken care of since its purchase in 1990. The cookie jar, or candy jar is marked on the bottom and has a foil label along with its decorative box.
Bikers like cookies, right? And if not, stick your rainy day cash or the bolts and nuts that they'll be looking for when they roll the bike out of the living room into the front yard next month. They have to have a place to store all the extra little pieces, right? I am sure they can find something to keep in a cookie jar! 's your chance to get them a Christmas Harley Shop for Easter just when the bike is coming out of winter hybernation.
Provenance: From our personal collection. We sadly are downsizing as we are moving to a smaller home. All cookie jars are guaranteed to be authentic and original. We do not deal in reproductions. Never. Guaranteed to be an original Harley licensed product.
Markings and Condition: Cookie jar is in perfect condition. Comes with its original Christmas decorated box. We will double box it so that the original box remains protected.
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