Now your looking at a first edition {2001} Pewter HD train set. If i remember,this was released in 01' just before Christmas. This has also been in my display case since then. The engine and caboose were never limited-it was only the box cars. Actually the 2003-which is a smaller scale is also limited. {which i have coming up next.} The new box-cars aren't even numbered,so this is kind of cool. The 2 valuable cars that I have are: 2001 TC-88 (Twin Cam 88) Engine BOXCAR LIMITED EDITION #1071 of 2500 SUPER VERY RARE-if that makes sense. and 2001 EAGLE BOXCAR LIMITED EDITION #560 of 2500 VERY RARE I have seen these 2001' trying to sell on ebay for as much as $499.00 That's kind of crazy!--I think I paid $56.00 for the whole thing! I guess the big question is w to start the bid? Right now, 'one' boxcar on ebay has a bid for $107.00 The whole point of ebay is to bid!,so I will start very low..maybe i'll get lucky and this thing will rise up the chimney or maybe you'll get lucky and grab it off the floor..Either way,Good-Luck and thanks for looking!

What ever is best for you!-if paying by check or money-order,i will ship as soon as funds clear.

Will ship USPS Priority Mail

As always-you get your money

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Mistake in my typing-should read- 2001 TC-88 (Twin Cam 88) Engine BOXCAR LIMITED EDITION #1077 not #1071 of 2500.Go with the pictures!! {i dont really type well}.The rest seems ok.PLUS,the price has risen higher than i thought,so insurance will be provided at my expence and a signature requried on delivery-- This is good for both me and you! If you miss the mail-man and have to drive to the p.o.,i will also pay for your fuel--up to $5.00.Sorry for my mistake and the added information.Any problems with this or questions please call my cell @ 9258135455.

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