This auction consists of 3 awesome HARLEY items. First is a brand new Harley Davidson Roast and Roll Travel Set. It includes a thermos, 2 cups, 2 spoons, 2 napkins, & 2 containers for cream & sugar. Oh, and of course the Harley Davidson coffee! Most of these are still in the plastic, I only took one of the cups out to take the picture. They all fit neatly in this travel case that zips shut & can go right in your saddle bag!

Christmas is less than 4 months away! What a great gift for the Harley guy/gal in your life!!

The second item is a pair of pierced HARLEY DAVIDSON earrings. I've had these for a while now, but only wore them maybe twice. They've just been sitting in my jewelry box. I really don't even remember w I got them! They have nothing on them to tell what they're made of, so I tried to get a close-up picture of the back. These measure about 1/2" across the front.

The third item is my personal favorite! It's a beautiful STERLING SILVER HARLEY DAVIDSON cuff bracelet. It has some minor surface scratches, nothing too bad, still in very good shape! This bracelet measures about 6 1/4" from one end to the other, it's small but heavy made. I'm not aware of it's age as I found it at an estate sale. On the inside it has 'Mexico' and '925' stamped on it. THIS MAY BE THE ONE & ONLY TIME THIS
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