BRAND NEW ! STILL IN IT'S ZIPPERED BAG ! A BIEDERLACK ( THE BEST ! ) HARLEY DAVIDSON HUGE 87" X 95" "SPREAD EAGLE" BLANKET SET. This is a beautiful extra thick and extra warm blanket set - one of my most popular King Size. The two pillow shams that come in this set take a standard (cheap) pillow. FIRST QUALITY ALL THE WAY ! NO IRREGULARS IN MY WAREHOUSE - EVER ! I DO NOT BELIEVE IN THEM ! NOBODY HAS MORE HARLEY BLANKETS IN STOCK THAN I DO ! THESE BLANKETS ARE MADE FROM 15 % POLYESTER, AND 85 % ACRYLIC - RESULTING IN A BLANKET THAT IS WARM, WASHABLE, AND FUZZY. AND BEST OF ALL - IT IS VERY LONG LASTING (20 YEARS OR MORE !) Tracking & Delivery Confirmation is included in the shipping cost - USA only . This blanket set lists for $109.95 at a HD dealer ! PLEASE do not confuse my Biederlack blankets - which are made in the USA with those cheap, crappy, thin 50" x 60" Chinese blankets made by Northwest and sold by my competition for around $10.00 - $15.00. You know the ones - flames or Roses.