Harley Davidson wallpaper art

Great addition to any room really a nice wall paper mural 6ft tall by 9ft wide easy hanging instructions hard plastic protection tube has kept this in perfect condition. A biker themed room ,a boys room or just anywhere you would want to put this, will add color an design to the space.
Then fill with all your favorite Harley memory's.
The picture I am showing is only the wrap for sleeve on wall paper you can see how big it would be by seeing lady sitting on couch with mural in background.
This wall paper is in mint condition comes as 6 panels to put up and the step by step instruction.
This is a fun an easy project to make a conversation piece for any room.
plus ck price asking- from original price purchased, this is a great deal grab it while its here.
Oh an the mural has a semi- gloss- low sheen so there is no glare on paper from lighting.