Not just a vintage receiver. A restored work of vintage art.
There are probably less than 5 units of this model ... in this condition ... anywhere.
The hk670, the top-of-the-line for HK in 1979 and most powerful receiver HK built to-date, featured a post-modern, industrial exterior design. The first full series manufactured completely in Japan, HK used this design for the run of this series only and it looks nothing like the USA-made "x30" series that preceded it or the lower-profile Japanese-made "i" series that followed it. Originally rated at 60 watts per channel RMS driven from 20-20,000 kHz into 8 ohms with less than 0.08% total harmonic distortion (THD), it had an extremely clean sonic presentation. Following the fall 2010 complete restoration and rebuild by Mark Wilson at Absolute Sound Labs of Minneapolis, its power output improved to 70 watts per channel at similar impedance and it sounds better today than it did the day it was built. It has an excellent tuner section with outstanding stereo separation. It is essentially a hand-made 2010-parts receiver in the body of a near-mint vintage unit. The exterior and faceplate are in excellent condition with only a couple of minor blemishes, including a slight, crescent-shaped mark in the faceplate between the "Balance" and "Treble" knobs (see photo). It could not be
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