Harmony Kingdom Beluga Whale "Pod Squad" Ltd ed1500 NR

This is a Harmony Kingdom piece called "Pod Squad" carved by Peter Calvesbert for Harmony Kingdom.It is a pod of Beluga whales captures in whimsy! Release Date September 30, 2005- with a Fixed Edition of 1,500 .Retail price was $65.00 USD . This piece has never been displayed and has its original box. Harmony Kingdom, a celebrated collection of flora and fauna themed figural boxes. Every piece of Harmony Kingdom is hand-made with crushed marble, creating the look and feel of antique ivory. . Crafted in crushed marble and resin with the look and feel of antique ivory, every piece is entirely hand-made in the time-honored tradition of cottage industry manufacturing. Secrets about this piece from the Harmony Kingdom website: The Beluga's odd form is what first attracted Peter to this subject. To him, they look like ghostly white dolphins with lumps on their heads bigger than anything Tom and Jerry ever paraded. He saw his first Beluga at Chicago's Shedd Aquarium during the Rosemont exhibition and vowed it was only a matter of time (well, seven years!) before he would carve one. His box figurine shows a pod of nine, with a mouse and canary hidden amongst them. 19th century whalers nicknamed the Beluga "sea canary" because of its vocal dexterity. Aptly, the interior portrays a crooning whale. Pete's ubiquitous Coke can appears on the ... read more