Harmony Kingdom Feline Evil Cats UK Made Marble Resin Box Figurine SGN NEW

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This Harmony Kingdom marble/resin figurine box named "Feline Evil" was carved by Peter Calvesbert in 2013. It was made in England and hand painted by local craftmen in the Cotswold region.

Several years ago Peter touched on the theme of See No Evil etc with his See No Weevil box. Harmony Kingdom cat lover Priscilla Cox caught Peter's attention when she suggested re-visiting this subject using cats. Naturally, he had to add his 'Pete' twist to the theme so you will see 'Hear No Evil' wearing headphones attached to an ipod (other MP3 players are available!!) and Speak No Evil has a zipper to keep his mouth closed.

During his research for this piece, Peter found mention of a 4th monkey 'Do No Evil', hence you will find a fourth cat on this piece hidden around the back
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