Harmony Kingdom Feline Fest Halloween Cat pc New

This Harmony Kingdom Event Piece named "Feline Fest" was carved by Peter Calvesbert in 2006. It was made in the Cottswold area of England and hand painted by local craftsmen.

Dimensions (inches): 3 x 3 x 2.5

This cat and pumpkin box was only available to attendees of a Harmony Kingdom in-store fall event.

Calling all cat lovers, HK aficionados, and those who like surprises. Mark your calendar for the weekend of October 27th, when select Harmony Kingdom dealers will host FelineFest, the 2006 Harmony Kingdom Fall event. Peter Calvesbert has carved an exclusive event box figurine for the occasion, featuring a black cat sat atop an octet of jack-o'-lanterns. His signature mouse is tucked amidst the pumpkins, along with a few winged creatures of the night. Read on for a message from Peter. "I'm afraid it has been a sad time as we have had to say goodbye to one of our cats -"Puss". Old age and poor health had taken its toll. Andrea got Puss from a cat rescue centre in 1992. The centre had named her Ratty because of her matted fur when she arrived. Andrea changed her name to Rosie, but then over the years she just became Puss. She is now buried by her favourite sunny spot in the garden. The lid of "FelineFest" has her names Ratty, Rosie and Puss inscribed on it, as well as the date 3/7/6. The interior shows four
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