Harmony Kingdom Martin Perry Ltd. Edition "Chiaro

From Harmony Kingdom Limited Editions Collection. Offered at a wholesale price! Watch for all my Harmony Kingdom Collection (300 pieces) many retired, signed and numbered pieces, like new, not displayed, in original box, and once again AT WHOLESALE OR BELOW PRICE!

By world famous sculptor Martin Perry.

Bemoan the black dragon, for he is dark and negative. Cloaked in mystery, the black dragon rules the night, the moon and stars. Although often vengeful, he also seeks truth and may offer psychic guidance and helpful magic. Black is a color of mourning in many countries, yet is also worn on formal occasions. The moon and stars on the interior indicate the mystical qualities of the black dragon.

This piece is a Limited Edition and one of only 5000 pieces produced. Retailed for $60.00, offered for only $25.00.

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