Harmony Kingdom Noah's Lark

HARMONY KINGDOM BOX - "NOAH'S LARK" (TJJLEGA) Mint in Box (Never Displayed) Edition Number: 3482 of 5000 Carving Date:    1995  Release Date:    9/1/1995 RETIRED 01/07/1998 Collection:  TREASURE JEST Artist:     PETER CALVESBERT SIZE:  6.69"  x  4.17"  x  5.63" Noah’s Lark is second in the series of signed and numbered multi-compartment limited edition box figurines. This four compartment box is home to 103 creatures, including Noah, who reclines on the roof of his arc. Two mice hide near Noah, one in his beard, and the other underneath him. Nearby Noah is a lone frog in search of its mate who has, unfortunately, become a tasty morsel for the snake. The beaver snacks upon the ark. On the door of the cabin is a sign bearing the message “DALY WINS” referring to the winner of the Scottish Open in 1995. The lifeboat says “GRIFFIN” referring to Griffin Mill, the former home of HK. “A.L.F.” (The Animal Liberation Front) is carved into the hull beneath the cow. Inscribed in the wake at the bow of the ship is “TA PAUL.” “Ta” is the English equivalent of a quick thank-you, and Paul first suggested the idea of creating a Noah’s Ark box. In the wake is a boat inscribed with “GREEN” on one half and “EACE” on the other, an ironic, nautical accident. Also floating in the water is a set of “JAWS,” a rabbit, a penguin, and a ... read more