Harmony Reso-Tone 5-String Bakelite Banjo (NR!)

This classic Harmony instrument is in excellent vintage condition and has obviously always been stored in its original case. Straight neck, no cracks or holes. This model features the superior closed back design and appears to use Bakelite in its construction. A well-made banjo that has a better tone than much fancier banjos I’ve played. Also features a steel reinforced neck. My guess is it was made in the 50s or 60s.

I had it serviced by a professional guitar tech (at Guitar Center) who replaced the 5th string tuning peg. The original tuning peg -which was starting to slip is included in the case and the installed new one is an identical match. It has been restrung with brand new Earl Scruggs strings and has since been played lightly only once. Everything else is original.

For a vintage instrument, this banjo looks great, with small nicks and t, but still very nice looking. It’s real animal skin head has absorbed some skin oil over time, giving it that authentic back-woods banjo look. You can certainly find more expensive banjos, but this modest 5 string has the sound to rival higher quality banjos- its like pure mountain sunshine! I’m forced to liquidate or this would remain in my studio arsenal.

Package Includes:

Original case (in good condition with handle and all clasps intact) Extra strings (
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