Harold Bieber's Walnut Oil Cell Kaleidoscope!

Expertly handcrafted and signed by Harold Bieber. Great new design using an ultra smooth and quiet ball bearing turning system! Add to that the absolutely perfect images from perfect mirror assembly and you have a great one of a kind kaleidoscope!

Check out the feedbacks from people who have bought a Bieber scope - a recent one, for example: "stunningly beautiful kaleidoscope!" Another one: "Beautiful wood and mirror work, great images!" This is a beautiful scope but the best characteristic of a Bieber scope is the quality of the images. Check out the photos.

This is a superbly crafted kaleidoscope made from one solid piece of walnut. Being made from a solid piece means there are no glue joints to come loose or become unsightly. The beautiful grain of the walnut is enhanced by a hand rubbed smooth finish and fantastic images are created by a perfect 30-60-90 three mirror system which creates beautiful images! This scope is 100% hand crafted using the absolute best quality of materials. First surface mirrors, hand formed glass shapes, dichroic glass, focusing lens in eyepiece, smooth 360 degree pivot turning, and bright interesting bangles in the object end all combine to make a one-of-a-kind scope that is truly a work of art. Look carefully at the photos and notice the smooth finish and the beautiful wood grain of the walnut.

This scope was turned on a lathe into the shape shown, and the object end turns "like butter" completely 360 degrees, but the best characteristic is the quality of the images! With an oil object case the bangles fall slowly and quietly into place giving an interesting effect. Some typical photos were taken of the images in this kaleidoscope to give an idea of colors and patterns but they don't do justice to the brilliance and clarity of the real images in person! Look carefully at the enlargements of the photos to notice the great images only achieved by perfect mirror assembly!

Because you may think buying a quality kaleidoscope on line is chancy (although, in this case it isn't), your satisfaction is completely guaranteed. For any reason whatsoever, if you are not satisfied, I'll pay for return postage and gladly refund your money. If you'd like to see additional photos of either the scope or more images, or any questions, use the ask a question feature.

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