Harold Hitchcock (1914- 2009) Original Oil "Merlin's Dream" 1979

Up for Bid! It looks faded but is not. Measures 35.25" x 44" (gold frame included)
Hitchcock's credo:

The true function of the arts is to guide man towards his true destiny, towards a true understanding of himself and his inner nature. As we advance on the evolutionary scale, so must we proclaim that state of spiritual realization we have grasped or comprehended through whatever medium we may choose, rather like a bridge to help other people. The artist must cut across the spirit of the age. It is not his function to reflect the conditions of the age...but to follow the unmistakable voice within--the light that should be made known... My belief is that there is one over-riding creator, one supreme creator, that pervades everything-- inanimate things, nature, as well as man himself. And it's simply a question of having the courage to completely surrender to that, and to lead a good life as far as is possible, so that one can develop inwardly. It's all a question of receiving what we feel inwardly.

Paintings in Permanent Collections
V&A Museum, London
Hunterian Museum, Glasgow
Hannen and Stoers Museum [Reichs Museum], Holland
University Of Louisiana, USA
Lidice Museum, Czechoslovakia
Museum Of Fine Art, N.Carolina, USA
Yale Centre For British Arts, USA

University Library of Winston Salem,
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