Harper Cold Tea - I.H. Harper Distillery - 1910 Teapot

is a very rare 1905 - 1910 era side logo 4 ½" tall by 8 3/8" wide (from end of spout to end of handle) silver plate "Harper Cold Tea" lidded teapot / pitcher / jug. I believe this teapot is from the I.W. Harper Company that was a famous whiskey / rye distillery that was located in the downtown area Louisville Kentucky. I.W. Harper also distilled the famous Early Times whiskey. The actual I.W. Harper distillery is now gone and the Bernheim / Heaven's Hill Distillery's new stills are now located were they once used to be. I.W. Harper was famous for their Old I.W. Harper Bourbon, Whiskey, and other spirits. This type of hotel grade silver plate teapots that were marked for Distilleries advertising their Whiskey / Rye, etc., are considered very rare and very hard to find. This is the first such silver pitcher / teapot I have ever seen from this distillery advertising a "Cold Tea". The tea pot is very ornate, has an ornamental top and footed base that look great. It has a highly detailed factory engraved wording on the side that reads "Harper Cold Tea." The teapot was made by the Taunton Silver Co. and is the Quadruple Plate (early silver soldered - nickel silver). This teapot would have been most likely used at a hotel, restaurant, saloon, or tavern that served Harper Cold Tea for serving cold tea, beverages, etc., at the bar / taven, ... read more