Harper's Pictorial History Of The Civil War No 17 Gettysburg Chancellorsville

Harper's Pictorial History

of the

Civil War

No. 17

August 6th 1894

Published by Star Publishing Company

Contents Include:

The Invasion of Pennsylvania - Gettysburg

Hooker in Command - Chancellorsville

Meade's Campaign in Virginia

The Chattanooga Campaign

Illustrations Include:

Chancellorsville May 1 1863

George G. Meade ( 3/4 page)

Map of Gettysburg and the area involved in the invasion ( full page)

Map of the Battle of Gettysburg (1/4 page)

4 1/2 page Gettysburg battle scenes

GETTYSBURG JULY 3, 1863 (2 full pages )

In Camp At Washington Springs ( 1/2 page)

Mine Run ( full page of 3 illustrations)

Winter Quarters - On Picket (Full Page)