The Harquahala Gold Mining Company Ltd share certificate 1896

Share certificate no. 3083 for one hundred shares in The Harquahala Gold Mining Company Ltd. Dated 9th March 1896,
in the name of Claude Hilton, 103 Hopeton Road, Streatham, London.
General information

The Harquahala Mountains is the highest mountain range in southwestern Arizona, as well as home to some of the most profitable mines in La Paz County. The Harquahalas actually consist of two mountain ranges, the Big Harquahala and the Little Harquahala to the west.

Rich gold deposits were first discovered in the area in 1762 by Spanish prospectors. They were reworked over 50 years later in 1814 and by the mid 1800’s American prospectors were scouring the Arizona mountains looking for mineral wealth, as rumors had spread about gold in this mountain range circulated the western frontier for many years. By the 1860’s the area was beginning to get so busy that they had a stagecoach, which later was bought out and became known as Wells Fargo.

Placer deposits were worked in Harquahala Gulch from 1886-1887 before the first big reported strike in 1888 by Harry Watton, Robert Stein and Mike Sullivan when they discovered the rich Gold Mountain ore body. This fabulously immense formation later became known as the Harquahala Bonanza Mine, the richest mine in the area. It was sold to Hubbard and Bowers who organized the
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