harrell soda bottle waycross ga prop coca cola bott co georgia deep purple color

here is a Harrell bottle.property of Coca Cola Bottling Co on lower base..other side reads 6 1/2 flu ozs Waycross , GA . bottom is blank..the color of this bottle is beautiful.a very deep, dark purple.bottle used to have magnesium (spelling?) in them and was put in the glass to actually keep them from turning colors.when exposed to sunlight, they actually DO turn light purple or pink instead of not.this bottle i do believe was helped in the process as the bottles will not turn this dark purple unless they are in direct sunlight for many many years.they can be turned this color by people speeding up the process a little with some kind of lights.i believe this is the case here as most amtheist bottle i have seen are a light pink to light purple.this one is a real beauty.....bottle has a tiny flea bite on bottom mentioned for accuracy.light scrathes. no chips cracks or breaks.