D HARRINGTON & SON Antique Knife ~ EARLY Leather Tool

~ Very Early American Leather Tool ~

~ Cobbler's Tack Puller Knife c. 1825-1860 ~

A Top Quality Early Knife With a Wonderful Makers Mark:



This excellent, very early New England serrated knife has great visual appeal and age crudeness. The knife tool has great form and interesting wording stamped on it. This knife is unusual and makes a great display item or usable tool for the retro-tool enthusiast. The knife's history starts in Southbridge, MA, w the tool was made & follows it back to a small New England town w a group of leather based shops were located in the mid 1800s.

On a map dating from 1872, the small town of Easton, CT had as one of its main industries the shoe and boot making trade. T were at least four cobblers listed in this small New England town on the 1872 map. T were also button factories and early papier mache workshops in the early to mid 1800s. Farming was the main industry of this small town, so many of the leather tools were undoubtedly used in the production of saddle and livestock related items as well . This leather or cobbler’s tool and other knifes came out of a Connecticut estate that contained items gatd over a lifetime in a personal tool collection. One of the items

Connecticut also has a rich history regarding the "Leatherman" who wandered a set path in a large geographical circle in the 1800s through Connecticut and New York state. He very rarely spoke to anybody, but you could practically set your watch to his regularity to the point that locals in each town he passed would await his arrival to the very day with food, bread, scraps of leather, tobacco and money. For a great read about this character, go to this Leatherman site: The Legendary Leatherman.

A couple of the leather tools to be auctioned soon are possibly from the 18 th century. A good deal of the tools have branded names like Hoggson & Pettis of New Haven Conn, Goodell Pratt, Osborne & Co. and so on. Most are from the 1800’s.


This excellent, fine condition knife has no cracks, chips or damage. The metal is dark gunmetal gray and the handle is turned wood. Both have great patina, or appropriate & desirable age wear. The makers stamp on blade is deep and clear.

SEE PHOTOS in highest resolution, as I take special care in photographing every item I sell.
The item measures 6” long by 1” wide. The blade is 2" long.


Appropriate age wear, barely worth mention.
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