Harry Potter - 2012 - 15th Anniversary $1M Gringotts Banknote - Collectors Pk

A Tribute To One Of The Worlds Most Successful Writers - J.K.Rowling
2012 - 15th Anniversary !
Harry Potter
$1 Million Gringotts Collectors Edition Banknote
Genuine Banknote Paper / Mint Quality Printing On Both Sides
Stunning Certificate Of Authenticity
* Harry Potter - 15th Anniversary Commemorative Banknote*
This AMAZING $1 Million Gringotts Banknote Looks A nd F eels Just Like A Real Genuine Banknote !
Very Very Rare -Once They Have Gone , They Are Gone Forever !!
On the 30th June 1997, British Author J.K.Rowling released what was to become one of the greatest and most popular best selling book series of all time "Harry Potter"
"Harry Potter" consists of 7 fantasy novels chronicling the life and adventures of a Wizard (Harry Potter) and his friends, all of whom are students at Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
Since the release of "Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone" approx 15 years ago, the books have gone on to gain immense commercial success worldwide with close on over 500 million copies sold to date.
To commemorate this remarkable achievement and to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of the Greatest Wizard of All Time , the Kensington Mint have produced a stunning tribute Collectors Pack suitable for all ages.
Strictly Limited - First Come
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