Harry Potter Inspired Mandrake Paste Potion / Prop

Scotland Magical Imports

Pure Macedonian Mandrake Paste

Harvested near the Ruins of Stobi in Macedonia, the Mandrakes used to make this paste are the finest in the entire world.

From being planted in the charmed Macedonian soil and watered with pure mountain spring water,

each Mandrake is given individual attention throughout it's entire life by Scotland Magical Imports world-class Herbologists.

This Mandrake paste is a powerful restorative.

It is an essential part of most antidotes, including one for Petrifaction .

The Macedonian Mandrake Paste returns people who have been Transfigured or cursed to their original state.

Shipping Info:

Due to the magical nature of this auction the winning bidder will receive this bottle via Muggle post. Owl Post would attract too much unwanted attention and I'm sure you don't want your Muggle neighbors becoming nosy because you have owls flying to around your home with packages attached to them.

*** Please note***

A protection charm will be placed on the package to attempt to protect it from the Muggle postal process.

They can be very brutal!

Also, anyone outside mainland United States should email me for shipping rates as the FREE SHIPPING is for mainland U.S. destinations only!!!

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