Harry Potter Movie Prop Replica Four Wands + Display Case Beautiful Rare HTF

** I also have a Lot of beautiful, rarely used 30 Horror/Cult DVDs up for auction, which includes the Rare, OOP DVD of THE CANDY SNATCHERS a hard-to-find, definitive cult favoritte--which, although opened--its only Original shrink with price sticker + a NECA Genocide Alien with its Original stand. I also have a loose AFA 80 Masters of the Universe Whiplash, and a loose AFA 85 of SSSqueeze up for auction, both of which are in the same auction! So, bid and win two items at once! After all, all of these auctions have low prices for starting bids and No Reserves, as well. If you might be interested, take a look at them! :-)
Supposedly thee is a new Harry Potter Play coming out, and two new films based on "Harry Potter's" world--so bid on it--and get yourself ready for the magic . . .
The photos above are for a No Reserve Auction , with a great starting price for bids, for a Rare Harry Potter Display Case--from the prestigious TRIWIZARD TOURNAMENT; TRIWIZARD CHAMPIONS--which comes with runged holders for each of the following wands in the auction include, Harry Potter, Cederic Diggory, Victor Crum, and one more. The bottom of the case is actual wood, and it is gorgeous; the case that encases the wands, and their displays, and it can easily be removed. This display cover seem to be a kind of plastic. As for the wands, themselves,
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