Harry Stephen Keeler - The Mystery of the Fiddling Cracksman - HC/DJ - 1934

The Mystery of the Fiddling Cracksman

By Harry Stephen Keeler

This 317-page volume and its dust jacket are both in very good condition.

It was published in 1934 by Triangle Books, 356 Fourth Avenue, New York.

There are no marks at all in the book except for two small stamps in the front cover, one of which says: "The Stop Back, Free Delivery, Phone Number 269." The other is blurred and abbreviated.

The book is securely bound.

The dust jacket is in very good shape with only the slightest chips at the top and bottom edges. It is protected by a Brodart-style cover.

From the inside front dust jacket:

"Wild, fantastic, yet over-whelmingly logical, this yarn could come only from Chicago's own Sherlock Holmes and that favorite of American mystery fans, Harry Stephen Keeler.

Here he gives us a brand-new webwork of mysteries - a cracksman who uses, not dynamite, but a violin; a second-hand safe with amazing secrets inside; a volcanic island in the Pacific and a fantastic kingdom in Europe; a demented Oriental; and a pair of lovers caught in the very center of this whirlwind of danger and detection.

This breathless yarn is filled with facts and incidents undreamed of in the usual mystery story. Keeler fans will find in it a special treat."

The dedication reads:

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